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Unlocking opportunities through AI-driven trading.

Earn Big on Trades Regardless of Market Conditions

Our AI crypto trading bots are tested long-term and consistently to ensure wins in any market

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Experience the power of thoroughly tested cryptocurrency trading bots, even in high-risk markets.

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Bid farewell to fomo: our AI trading bots thrive alongside a soaring market. Ascend to new heights.

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Unlock the power of our AI crypto trading bots. Don't rely on market movements alone to secure victory.

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Our Strategies Consistently Outperform The Market

We test millions of different strategies and pull the most effective that yield the greatest return

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Silver Return

Return: 27.82% Market: -42.68%

Crypto volatility fuels profitable trades.

Gold Return

Return: 47.75% Market: -42.87%

AI algorithms enhance crypto trading.

Diamond Return

Return: 72.43% Market: -63.86%

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Our Features

AI crypto trading bots are the future of investment strategies.

Back Testing

Back test to know if your strategy is enough to make your portfolio grow.

Personalised Trading Bots

Backtest a strategy and run it on your fully customisable crypto trading bot.

Market Signal Analysis

Be the first to gain important market insights and sentimental analysis.

AI Trading Bot Expert

Text or call our AI trading bot expert for elite trading & investment insights

GPT Trading Bot

Tell our AI crypto trading bot how you want to trade and watch magic happen.

Safe & Secure

Encryption, two factor authentication, and protected servers keep your funds secure.

Automate Your Trading Today

Themis allows you to automate trading in less than 3 steps

Trading bots revolutionize cryptocurrency markets.

Step 1: Free Trial

Simply start your trial with themis to discover crypto trading bots

Blockchain technology empowers AI trading.

Step 2: Themis Bot

Go to themis bot then simply click run to see our AI trading bot work magic

Smart contracts streamline crypto transactions.

Step 3: Unlock Access

After your trial simply unlock full access to all our crypto trading bots

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Why do Successful Traders use Themis For Crypto

Moses Abdullahi


I enjoy using pattern recognition. It provides security that themis will take profit when certain patterns are observed...

George White


Could not have forseen automated trading to be any better. The AI trading bots have impacted my life in so many ways. I can use any strategy for...

Thomas Hein


The customisable back tester platform has allowed me to analyse, deploy and automate various trading strategies applicable to...

Funds are Safe and Secure With Themis For Crypto

Analyzing data drives successful trades.


Data regarding access to funds is encrypted ensuring access to stored data cannot result in stolen funds

AI predicts crypto market trends.

Two Factor Authentication

Multi layered security is used to ensure no unwarranted access to backend and user accounts

Crypto trading with machine learning.

Secure Servers

Themis is hosted on one of the biggest and most secure third party server providers ensuring high-end security

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Themis is The Future of Crypto Trading


Explore the forefront of cryptocurrency investment with Themis For Crypto's advanced AI trading bots, expertly designed to analyze and execute profitable trades in real-time across Binance smart chain and other major cryptocurrencies networks, suitable for both novice and experienced investors."


Elevate your trading experience with Themis For Crypto's AI crypto trading bots. Utilizing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, they continuously adapt to market fluctuations, ensuring high-yield trades in the Binance smart chain, and diverse cryptocurrencies for both new and seasoned traders.


Themis For Crypto is revolutionizing the world of cryptocurrency trading with state-of-the-art AI trading bots. These bots provide rapid, data-driven trade execution, giving investors an edge in the volatile crypto market and enhancing investment strategies across various digital currencies.


Harness the power of cutting-edge technology in your crypto trading with Themis For Crypto. Our crypto trading bots specialize in analyzing market trends, offering lightning-fast, accurate trading decisions in a multitude of cryptocurrencies, making it an ideal platform for investors of all levels.


Transform your approach to digital currency trading with Themis For Crypto's AI trading bots. Our platform offers a secure, automated environment for intelligent, timely trading decisions in the Binance smart chain, and beyond, catering to both beginner and advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Maximize your investment potential with Themis For Crypto's cryptocurrency trading bots, meticulously crafted for precision and efficiency. These bots ensure well-informed, real-time trades across a range of cryptocurrencies, making them a perfect tool for investors at any experience level.

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Disclaimer: Themis For Crypto is not a profit guarantee. Cryptocurrency bot trading involves substantial risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. The profits shown in product screenshots are for illustrative purposes and may be exaggerated. Only engage in bot trading if you possess sufficient knowledge or seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor. Under no circumstances shall Themis For Crypto accept any liability to any person or entity for (a) any loss or damage, in whole or in part, caused by, arising out of, or in connection with transactions involving our software or (b) any direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damages. Please note that the content available on the Themis For Crypto social trading platform is generated by members of the Themis For Crypto community and does not constitute advice or recommendations from Themis For Crypto or on its behalf. Profits shown on the Markteplace are not indicative of future results. By using Themis For Crypto's services, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks involved in cryptocurrency trading and agree to hold Themis For Crypto harmless from any liabilities or losses incurred. It is essential to review and understand our Terms of Service and Risk Disclosure Policy before using our software or engaging in any trading activities. Please consult legal and financial professionals for personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.